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Sutton Free Library



Sutton Free Library, being open to all patrons for their enjoyment and edification, believes everyone is free to accept or reject any materials or programs it offers. While consideration of all patrons’ tastes and opinions is fundamental in shaping library acquisitions and programs, it is understood some patrons may disagree with library choices. Therefore, Sutton Free Library adopts the following Reconsideration of Materials Procedure:


  • Written requests for removal of library materials or objections to programs or displays shall be considered by the Library Trustees. Forms for such requests are available at the circulation desk.

  • The Trustees will review the merits of such requests at the next scheduled meeting. A response to the request will be made within 30 days of receipt by the library.

  • During reconsideration, no change will be made in materials presented, scheduled programs, and displays and exhibits.

Adopted by the Sutton Free Library Board of Trustees on February 5, 2019.

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